SnapShot Applet Version 1.02 by tjb

Copyright © 1996 Thomas Baker

SnapShot is distributed as is. Absolutely no warranty is expressed or implied.

SnapShot is freeware. If you have any questions or comments, mail me at

Download an archive of the source, applet, background jpg, shutter sound, and an example html file:



<APPLET code="SnapShot.class" WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=158>
<PARAM NAME="repeat" VALUE="no">
<PARAM NAME="pause" VALUE="1500">
<PARAM NAME="audio" VALUE="yes">
<PARAM NAME="shutter" VALUE="sounds/">
<PARAM NAME="background" VALUE="images/film.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="frame1" VALUE="images/moss.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="frame2" VALUE="images/pumpkin.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="frame3" VALUE="images/as.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="frame4" VALUE="images/sundog.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="frame5" VALUE="images/kaaterskill.jpg">

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