The Life & Times of Elvis
Puppyhood - 17 to 18 Weeks

At eighteen weeks, Elvis is really getting big!

Elvis exhibiting his boundless energy.

"Where's mom?", or what he's probably really thinking,
"Is there anything I can eat down there?"

Elvis giving us his quizzical look.

This is a shot of the family dogs after we went on the nine mile MS walk. Pictured are Elvis, Honey, and Ernie (nearest to farthest).

Sometimes I end up in the pictures but I prefer to just take them.

A rare moment of calm concentration for Elvis, with his mom Stephanie.

Elvis was recently reunited with his littermates. Shown are sister Endesha and Elvis, Elvis and brother Gyle, and a group shot of Elvis, Endesha, an unknown pup, Gyle, and another unknown pup. Elvis was the tallest, Gyle was the widest, and Endesha was somewhere in between.

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