The Life & Times of Elvis
Puppyhood - 25 to 26 Weeks

A spontaneous new trick of Elvis'. He followed Stephanie up on to the table
and now thinks it's his personal resting place.

These are just some common poses for Elvis that we don't want to forget.

Elvis recently gradutated from puppy kindergarden.
Stephanie claims he was the most improved and best minding of the lot
although I think she's biased.

This was first trip to the beach and he loved it! His first encounter with
a wave did not deter him from terrorizing the other stick chasing dogs on the
beach. They would go fetch the stick in the deep stuff and Elvis would steal
it when they got back into a more comfortable depth.

He loves the chase but he doesn't always bring the stick all the way back.

Walking back to the truck after a hard day of play at Wagon Hill.

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