The Life & Times of Elvis
Puppyhood - 27 to 28 Weeks

We're trying to make at least one trip a week to York Beach because Elvis has so much fun there.

Last time we brought along Max and they both loved it.

We went to Pisgah State Park where Ernie and Max showed Elvis how to swim.
For the most part, Elvis watched from the rocky shore.

Amazingly, Elvis decided to start swimming on his own, initially just chasing sticks,
but then just for the fun of it. After a good swim, he likes to try to shake his ridge off.

These are scenes from the last Rhodesian Ridgeback Riot put on by the NERRC.
Elvis is in each of these pictures...can you find him?

At the Riot, Elvis took second overall in agility in his class, first in the never-seen-an-agility-course group.

The riot revealed the friendly side of Elvis' brother Gyle, and the dark side of The Bat Dog!

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