The Life & Times of Elvis
Puppyhood - 45 to 48 Weeks

The day after Thanksgiving, we climbed Mt. Monadnock.
Elvis enjoyed the climb, although he did take some breaks.
Puppy ears during a hug from Mom.

The views up the mountain were worth checking out. (Note that the rest of the climbing crew were all standing to the left of this picture, causing the horizon to sag, apparently due to too much turkey.) On the right, Ernie shows his superior posing skills that come with age.

Elvis shows proof that he made it to the top. He did his best to keep me out of the group picture, but somehow I managed to stay on my feet. On the way down, the lads show a surprising amount of spunk, playing tug-o-war with a stick.

Elvis is not too sure about the new vacuum.
He's pretty brave until it starts to fight back, then a quick retreat to the couch is in order.

The first snow of the season and Elvis loves it!
Burrowing in the snow with his nose looking for his tennis ball is a new favorite hobby.

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