The Life & Times of Elvis
Puppyhood - The First Day

Taking Elvis Home

We picked up Elvis on February 17th from Mshindaji Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Middleboro, MA. It's about an hour and a half trip from our home in Dover, NH so our first day together was a day of many firsts for him. Up to that point, he hadn't been out of doors, let alone been in a car or away from his littermates.

Our big decision was in choosing between Elvis and Tyrone. The two were complete opposites from one another. Where Elvis was reserved, Tyrone was very outgoing. Their sire Bullet was a big dog and Tyrone had the bone structure which could definitely rival his dad's. Elvis was going to be big, but not as big as Tyrone. Tyrone was loud and boisterous and Elvis hung out under the table pretending to be shy. Elvis had a reddish coat with a dark muzzle; Tyrone was much darker with black throughout his coat. We liked Elvis' color and demeanor better and thought Tyrone might be too much for us so we chose Elvis.

After that, he made his first trip outside, said goodbye to his parents, and we were on our way. He later proved to be more like Tyrone in demeanor and volume but we wouldn't trade him for anything.

All of these pictures were taken at Mshindaji in Middleboro, MA.

This is our first look at Elvis, pretending to be quiet and shy.
He sure fooled us!

His brother Tyrone said goodbye in his own special way.

This was Elvis' very first time outdoors.
Not all dogs he met were as interested in him as he was in them.

This is his mom, Goldie.
She looked pretty excited to see him, don't you think?

Even his dad, Bullet, was interested in seeing Elvis one last time.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to his natural parents...

and get to know his new mom, Stephanie...

and dad, Tom.

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