The Life & Times of Elvis
Teenager of the Year - 13 Months

Elvis and Torgo are the best of buddies.

Posing in front of Mt. Monadnock,
the mountain Elvis conquered at Thanksgiving.

Snow is pretty cool.

The new vest is sporty, but a little itchy.

Ernie and Lilly are Elvis' best friends when we're home in Winchester. Lilly and Elvis play constantly, both being just over a year old, while Ernie, who is eight, is only interested some of the time.

Since Elvis got to open his presents first, he wasn't much interested in what his mom got. He knew that the next day would allow more Lilly chasing.

As a late Christmas present, Elvis got this huge bone from Torgo. It was a result of Elvis continually stealing Torgo's bone for several days. Needless to say, when Elvis got his own, he kept a paw or his mouth on it at all times.

"No Max, I'm tellin' ya,
there's somethin' down here!"

Very attentative at Adams Point.

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