The Life & Times of Elvis
Teenager of the Year - 19 Months

Getting air on a run with Mom
at the National Seashore.

The sinking sun brings out the gold in Elvis' coat.

Rescuing Mom's sandals from the water was a close call.

Mud sometimes just can't be resisted.

Elvis really gets in to a good rawhide bone, though he still takes time to make sure he knows where we are.

Elvis just loves beach sand between his toes. At some point during a beach visit, he usually goes into one of his puppy fits, tearing around in circles, ears flapping, as fast as he can.

Climbing down a steep section of a hike we recently made. It's as steep as it looks and we all were very tired when we were done.

He thinks he hears something.

Although he tries every so often,
the ridge is there to stay.

Some good shots of Elvis showing off his ear drying technique and watching a trio of otters along the Appalacian Trail in Woodstock, NH.

Elvis' show career is still going strong. He needs two majors to finish, which are rather hard to come by around here. He's been in two so far, taking Winner's Dog but needing Best of Winners to get the 4, and then taking reserve to 5 points. To him, though, all this show stuff pales in comparison to the wonderful smells there are outside the ring...

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