The Life & Times of Elvis
Teenager of the Year - 20 Months

Elvis wanted to get closer to this cat, who wasn't too sure if that was such a good idea.

Posing by Moosehead Lake on our recent vacation.

Playing on Seboomook Dam and then checking out the sea plane that landed in Seboomook lake.

Showing off his rock climbing skills with mom.

As if the log wasn't big enough, he went for the stump!

Hanging out on the porch after a long vacation day, which involved showing the bears what he thought of them.

Sometimes vacation got to be to much for Elvis and he just couldn't keep his eyes open another second.

Elvis enjoys getting into our vacation photographs, make us move around when we're not supposed to.

It was one of the more interesting months for Elvis. First he got his first feel of getting stung. The right side of his face is swollen where he must have got a yellow jacket or two in his mouth. Later, on the camping trip, he met his first skunk and got sprayed in the face. The subsequent tomato juice bath didn't put a smile on his face, although he wasn't as mad as this picture seems to indicate. He's just giving us his rabid dog impression.

The young one in the pack, Nira, is getting old enough
to really get Elvis going. The have a blast together. You first
met Nira when Elvis was 16 months.

It's local corn season and Elvis loves to eat part of the husks. It's good fiber for him!

The ever observant Mister Cool!

One down, one to go. Elvis got his first major
and now needs one more to finish.

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