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Copia, Siddhata and Urduja

Copia, Siddhata and Urduja live with Angie Ramos in Minneapolis, MN, USA.
Here are Copia, Pinay, Siddhata and Urduja hogging the bed - and it's a KING size bed. As you can see, there's not much space left for us humans.

Copia is getting a suntan in the yard. She's 8 months old here.

Copia and Urduja are looking pretty for the camera.

Siddhata is such a silly girl. Here is one of her many facial expressions. I think that she knows that she's good looking.

Everyone is in their winter jackets and they are all wondering if they really have to go out in the -30F degree weather. They really would rather be sleeping on the King size bed.

Siddhata is studying Urduja's technique of chewing up the stuffed toy that they both "killed", and Urduja is thinking that it doesn't taste very good and is about to spit it out.

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