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Dzenga lives with Linda & Pierre Merens in Liedekerke, Belgium.
Chirembo is my mother, I love her, she is the best. My name is Dzenga and I'm born on the 23-11-1996

Hey, I'm in my new home now, I'm 10 weeks old, and everybody loves me.

Hello, i'm 15 weeks now, and i'm playing in the veranda with my friend Malou (it's a cat).

My first holiday in the south of France, I'm 8 months , and a very big boy, I love the sand, and the long walking-tours on the beach.

Where is she? I'm waiting for my girl friend, Nicky, she is late. (Here I'm 2.5 years)

Happy Christmas, I'm waiting for Santa, but I'm so sleepy (3 years).

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