More Rhodesian Ridgebacks:
Kirby & Shango

Kirby & Shango live with Klaus and Jean Ohrnberger in Whitmore Lake, MI.

Kirby at 10.5 months: he's just a soulful guy who
wonders why I want to take his picture.

Kirby at 8 weeks: he's actually watching for his cat friend,
Maytag, who is hiding under the step.

Kirby as a 6 week old puppy snoozing on the grass after a satisfying meal,
he was a fat and sassy boy.

Kirby and Shango. Kirby is nine months old and Shango is 5 months old.

Kirby at 10.5 months, Shango at 7 months
and my husband Klaus, we won't mention his age.

Kirby making sure Mom doesn't work too hard on Labor Day.

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