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Latifa lives with Marianne Aaltonen in Vantaa, Finland.

Ikimba Latifa was born 19.12.1995. She was the first AI ridgeback puppy to be born in Finland. Latifa lives and enjoys her life with her breeder Marianne Aaltonen. The sire "Mashaba's Harubah" lives in Switzerland (breeder Yvonne Schonholzer). The dam "Shadyridge Penda of Ikimba" is imported from USA (breeder Ulla-Britt Ekengren).

Here I am only 1 week old - I can only smell and feel my mother.

Hey, I can see around me - so this is what the world looks like. I am 3 weeks old.

Where is my milkbar? MOOOM, come and feed me!

At last, I was getting so hungry. I am lucky to have a milkbar all my own.

Would you like to play with me?

Eating and playing is HARD WORK. You have to take some beauty naps every now and then.

Five weeks old and it is not so easy to sit nice.

Me and my brown nosed friend Fina.

Coca Cola is it!

Here I am at four months age wearing a bright new harness. Don't I look like a real working dog?

Finland is known for the forests and the thousand lakes, here you have a bit of the forest and ME.

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