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Sunny & Lily

Sunny & Lily live with Gail MacLean in Gray, Maine.
Sunny (Can. Ch. Gungubala of Jabalieupe X Angano Jabalieupe Kapaji) and Lily (Ch. Echobe's Master of Fairview X Can. Ch. Fataki Keesha of Jabalieupe CD) spend most of their time romping around the woods of Maine together.

Sunny's registered name is Dry Pond's Latifu Jabalieupe. He came to live with me from the kennels of Diana and Jim Barrie in No. Sandwich, New Hampshire. He got the name "Sunny" for all the sunshine he's brought into my life. Sunny is the closes to the most perfect dog I have ever owned. He just doesn't know how to be bad!!!

Lily's registered name is Ridishia's Lily of Dry Pond. She came to me from Pat Roy and Serge Arsenault of Ridishia's Ridgebacks of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Lily became affectionately known to all as my "Wild Child", making up for all of Sunny's goodness, Lily LOVES to get in trouble!!! Lily is 6 months old in this photo.

This is Lily at 7 months old on the dock at Little Sebago Lake, Maine watching some ducks swim by.....wishing she had the courage to dive into the water after them.

Lily always seems to have one or the other ear flipped back from time to time....sometimes both! Could that be so she can hear me better? Both Lily and Sunny are extremely obedient dogs.....always listening to my every word, always wanting to please!

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