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Ville & Veikko

3 years old Ville (Ch. Lord Calvert) and 3 months old Veikko (Afrikana's Kazai af M'Zungu) are two happy campers living in Oulu, Finland with Vappu Alatalo and Timo Valtonen.

Ville has arrived to our home after many hours driving. "You mean this car is not my new home? I'd rather stay in here.

"It's freezing...! I hope the sauna is warm when we get back home." Finnish winter days (-20 to 30 C) can be somewhat different from Rhodesian winter days. To keep things in balance Ville goes to sauna (+70 C) whenever possible.

"This is life..." Nothing compares to laying in the sunshine beside a lake.

"This is a long jump. I surely would have beaten Carl Lewis in Atlanta." Ville loves to do agility. He is now competing Maxi 2-class.

"Where is Ville? I want to play!" Veikko has recently joined our pack to disturb Ville's peaceful sunbathing.

"Well, I know he's a kind of small. But I am still proud of him." Ville and Veikko have become the best of buddies.

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