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Here are some more pictures of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. These pictures were sent to me from all over the world. Due to a variety of reasons, I am currently not accepting new submissions for this page. Please check back periodically and when I start accepting them again, there will be a link here.

Last Update: Cinco de Mayo 2000

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Addison from Durham, NC, USA
Aerobleu from Catonsville, MD, USA
Alex& Zack from Dublin, OH, USA
Albert from Cleveland, OH, USA
Amali from Berlin, Germany
Amara from Dortmund, Germany
Amber from Coulsdon, Surrey, England
Amber from Melbourne, Austrailia
Amber Belle from San Francisco, CA, USA
Andy from Marysville, WA, USA
Angus from Pittsburg, PA, USA
Annabelle from Wilmington, DE, USA.
Annie & Sara from San Mateo, CA, USA
Asa from Red Oak, TX, USA
Ashante & Akira from Sosua, Dominican Republic
Askari & Keesha from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Atticus from Vinalhaven, ME, USA
Augie from Oak Park, IL, USA
Auxesia from Stenstrup, Denmark
Ayla from Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Baako from Rockland, NY, USA
Bailey from Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Baloo from Alvordton, OH, USA
Banner from Richardson, TX, USA
Basuto from Toronto, Canada
Bauer from Ottawa, Canada
Bawb from Staten Island, NY, USA
Bello from Melmo, Sweden
Berry & Tracy from Jarfalla, Sweden
Beth Ann from Tampa, FL, USA
Blazer from Lafayette, CA, USA
Boca from Griswold, CT, USA
Bodie from Loganholme, Australia
Bogey from Castle Rock, CO, USA
Bongo from Helsinki, Finland
Bonus, Tella & Pebles from Malmo, Sweden
Boyd from Hengelo, Holland
Brigg & Chester from Derbyshire, England
Brody from Alexandria, VA, USA
Bruno from Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia
Buckley from Fort Worth, TX, USA
Buddy Ridge from West Allis, WI, USA
Buga from Vianen, The Netherlands
Bundi & Cali from Oudewater, Netherlands
Byron from Baltimore, MD, USA
Caccia from Los Angeles, CA, USA
Cairo & Duma from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Cargo from Eltham, Victoria, Australia
Cassius from Gothenburg, Sweden
Cecil from Lambertville, NJ, USA
Chad from Netanya, Israel
Charger from Manchester, MA, USA
Charlie & 'Dozer from Belmont, CA, USA
Chaka from Sandnes, Norway
Chaka from Bergen, Norway
Charo from Oslo, Norway
Chili from Sherman Oaks, CA, USA
Cobb from Pleasant Hill, CA, USA
Copia, Siddhata, & Urduja from Minneapolis, MN, USA
Cwebe from Stockholm, Sweden
Damietta from Jihlava, Czech Republic
Dhima Malaika Makini from Hamburg, Germany
Diego from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Dino from Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic
Dixi from Prague, Czech Republic
Draven from Chandler, AZ, USA
Duke from Philadelphia, PA, USA
Dzenga from Liedekerke, Belgium
Ellie from Santa Monica, CA, USA
Elsa from Son, Netherlands
Elsie from San Diego, CA, USA
Elvis from Nottingham, NH, USA
Ember & Ashley from San Jose, CA, USA
Fargo from Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Faus from Seattle, WA, USA
Frisco from Stowe, OH, USA
Fufuru from Aarhus, Denmark
Gabriela from Denver, CO, USA
Gadget from Durham, England
Geronimo from Chicago, IL, USA
Ginger from Hilton, NY, USA
Ginger from Eesergroen, Holland
Goldie, Endesha, Striker, Alasiri, Reva and Samar from Middleboro, MA, USA
Gritty and Ollie from Rye, NH, USA
Gusa from Concord, NH, USA
Hamilton from Chantilly, VA, USA
Harley from Indianapolis, IA, USA
Harry from Toodyay, Australia
Harvey from Prague, Czech Republic
Hintsa from Melbourne, Australia
Hobart & Maisie
Hobbes from San Rafael, CA, USA
Hudson from Guilford, CT, USA
Jaffarh & Jazzmine from Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Jake from Carmichael, CA, USA
Jake from Denver, CO, USA
Jake from Orlando, FL, USA
Jasper from Wausau, WI, USA
Jedi from Waterdown, ON, Canada
Jemima from Ramot, Jerusalem
Jenga from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Jengo from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Jess & Tyler from Columbus, OH, USA
Josh from Houston, TX, USA
Jessie from Allen, TX, USA
Juba from Borex VD, Switzerland
Jumunji from Frankston, Victoria, Australia
Jupiter & Mandela from Boise, ID, USA
Jzazz & Scimitar from Queensland, Australia
Kaya from Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Kazi from Willard, MO, USA
Keesha, Gaia, & Jake from Tahlequah, OK, USA
Kendal from Northiam, England
Keno, Kira, Kruger & Keshia from Hayward, CA, USA
Kenzo from Calixa-Lavallee, Quebec, Canada
Khaz from Calgary, Canada
Kia from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Kiambu & Nina from Fort Wayne, IN, USA
Kianga from Hengelo, The Netherlands
Kidron from Sesto San Giovanni, Italy
Killian from Mobile, AL, USA
Kimba from Palo Alto, CA, USA
Kimo from Melbourne, Australia
Kinga from Denver, CO, USA
Kip from Auckland, New Zealand
Kipling & Fletcher from Gananoque, Ontario, Canada
Kirby & Shango from Whitmore Lake, MI, USA
Kumba from Barneveld, Holland
Latifa from Vantaa, Finland
Legend & Buffy from Laurence Harbor, New Jersey, USA
Leo from Lowell, MA, USA
Leo from Lowton, United Kingdom
Livi from Corvallis, OR, USA
Logo from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Loppis from Motala, Sweden
Lua from Verbier, Switzerland
Lukila & Shumba from Mexico City, Mexico
Lulu from Clayton, CA, USA
Maalum from Billericay, Essex, England
Machu & Quena from Johannesburg, South Africa
Maddie from Owings Mills, MD, USA
Maggie from San Jose, CA, USA
Maggie from Marysville, WA, USA
Makeba from Milano, Italy
Mambo from Den Haag, Holland
Manna & Bas from New Orleans, LA, USA
Mario from Torino, Italy
Masai from Wangary, Australia
Matilda from Nottingham, NH, USA
Maverick from Chico, California, USA
Max & Kibo from Seattle, WA, USA
Maya from Bend, OR, USA
Meko from Naples, Italy
Mick from Nabour of Nijmegen, Netherlands
Minga & Rhody from Neerpelt, Belgium
Moab from Louisville, KY, USA
Molly from Yardley, PA, USA
Molly from DeSoto, IA, USA
Mona from Boston, MA, USA
Mookie from Marlboro, NJ, USA
Moose from San Francisco, CA, USA
Moose from St. Louis, MO, USA
Morgan from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Morganna from Martinez, CA, USA
Mowgli from Cape Elizabeth, ME, USA
Muddy from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Murphy from Princip. of Liechtenstein
Nala from Uxbridge, London, England
Nala & Scully from Manchester, NJ, USA
Neiko & Hudson from Christchurch, New Zealand
Nero from Palm Bay, FL, USA
Nick from Stockholm, Sweden
Nikki from Roswell, GA, USA
Niko from Lowell, MA, USA
Nina from Araruama, Brazil
Noah from Eugene, OR, USA
Nobel from Arnhem, The Netherlands
Norm & Sam from Littleton, CO, USA
Oprah from Marseille, France
Oziwau from Plainview, NY, USA
Papi from Oslo, Norway
Paji from Holte, Denmark
Pasi from Warsaw, Poland
Patch from Manchester, England
Pearl from Downer, Australia
Pele from Oakland, CA, USA
Petra & Java from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Phaedra from Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Polo from Tel-Aviv, Israel
Punkin from Naco, AZ, USA
Quanah from Round Rock, TX, USA
Reba from Havertown, PA, USA
Red from Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Red from Durham, NC, USA
Rhoda from Budapest, Hungary
Rich from Novosibirsk, Western Siberia, Russia
Riessa from Dayton, OH, USA
Ripley & Rayne Jensen from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Rio from Tucson, AZ, USA
Rommel from Austin, TX, USA
Romulus from Racine, WI, USA
Rowdy & Jayde from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ruben & Birk from Lier, Norway
Ruya from Hanko, Finland
Sadie Lawrenceburg, TN, USA
Safi from Tiverton, Devon, England
Sampson & Shamwari from Acton, MA, USA
Sancho from Oglesby, IL, USA
Sasha from Snoqualmie, WA, USA
Schatten from Berwyn, PA, USA
Scout from Garland, TX, USA
Senna from Spijkenisse, Netherlands
Shaka from Oslo, Norway
Shani from Kent, England
Shaquille from Umea, Sweden
Shigzie, Hashaway, & Ragziwags from Karen, Kenya
Shona, Zouga, & Ella from Adelaide, Australia
Shumba from Holland, MI, USA
Shumba from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Shumba from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Sigurd from Vamdrup, Denmark
Simba from Cooper City, FL, USA
Simba from Coconut Creek, FL, USA
Sir from San Antonio, TX, USA
Soffi from Holbaek, Denmark
Striscia from Guanzate, Italy
Sunny & Lily from Gray, ME, USA
Sweetie from Charleston, SC, USA
Sweet Tea & Pekoe from Austin, TX, USA
Taraji from Foothill Ranch, CA, USA
Tango & Kobe from Raleigh, NC, USA
Taylor from Sydney, Australia
Teggie, Trekker, Windy, & Star from Omemee, Ontario, Canada
Tembo from Hamilton, Bermuda
Thor from Redditch, Worcestershire, England
Tico from Stuart, FL, USA
Tigger from St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada
Tosca from Yukon, OK, USA
Tully from Perth, Australia
Vali from Austin, Texas, USA
Vilja & Justin from Aurich, Germany
Ville & Veikko from Oulu, Finland
Vizara, Vumba, Chirembo and Jessie from Herkingen, The Netherlands
Voodoo & Daisy from Perkasie, PA, USA
Winnie, Zenda, Kenzo, and family from Madrid, Spain
Xarit from Kiel, Germany
Yamundi from Baltimore, MD, USA
Yogi from New York, NY, USA
Zak from Newcastle, Tyne, England
Zeb from Gothenburg, Sweden
Zephyr from Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Zoe from Fayetteville, NC, USA
Zouga from Bermuda
Zouga from North Shore City, New Zealand
Zua from Copenhagen, Denmark
Zulu from Stillwater, OK, USA
Zulu from Thessaloniki, Greece

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